The 20th Anniversary of the Asia Europe Meeting ASEM11

The 20th Anniversary of the Asia Europe Meeting ASEM11

2016 Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM11). The ASEM-UN NGOs Network has been granted the privilege to organize the Asia Europe Summit Anniversary Celebrations at the United Nations General Secretariat in NYC. The events will include a Photographic/Painting exhibition based on the secular life of the citizens of the 51 Eurasian countries.

“The Spirit of Eurasia” exhibit is an opportunity to celebrate the culture and heritage of 65% of world citizens living in a geographical area that supports over 60% of world trade. This prestigious event is hosted with the support of the Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the United Nations which holds the ASEM Chairmanship as well as the EU Delegation to the United Nations.

The main summit meeting took place in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, on July 15-16 2016 bringing together dignitaries and heads of state, civil society representatives from the 51 ASEM member states, plus the Association of South East Asian Nations, the European Commission.

Main Sponsors

Asia - Europe Foundation

Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the United Nations

Delegation of European Union

European Union Association

North America Photography Association

Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations

ASEM-UN NGOs Network

Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the United Nations

Rosini Foundation

Main Organizers

Permanent Mission of Mongolia to UN

Delegation of European Union to UN

European Union Association at UN

North America Photography Association

Asia - Europe Foundation

“The Spirit of Eurasia” Photographic & Art Exhibition Opening Reception

JuNe 13, 2016 delegates entrance at the united nations headquater, NYC

Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) “On the Go” Photographic Exhibition


Photographers and Artists

Paul BULTEEL, Regitze KARLSEN, Lars HUEBNER, Susanne STEINMASSL, Emine  AKBABA , Lukas SCHUSTER-WOLDAN, Roli MAHAJAN, Prabir TALUKDAR, Amitava CHANDRA, Mark CONDREN,Agnese MORGANTI, Francesco GALIOTTO, Laura LIVERANI, Berta TILMANTAITE, Therese DEBONO, Kyaw Kyaw WINN, Andre BOTO, Yevgeny NAKONECHNYY, Ju Shen LEE, Mario DEL CURTO,Patchiya WASITWORAPOL, Giang PHAM, John Fan,  Victor Liu, Jeffrey Wu,  Yiming Hu,  Jonathan Zhang, Winston Zhou, Lin Tan, Zhang Yan zhigang, Baoyuan, Duan Junxi, Xu Yulin, Ji Yifan, Cao Xiang, et al.

Event Day Photos