2020 Beautiful China Tourism Scenery Photography Competition

2020 Beautiful China Tourism Scenery Photography Competition

— 1st Place —

Sunrise at Sumtsenling by Xuejun Jiang
📍Zhongdian, Yunnan, China

The Fifth Dalai Lama’s Buddhist visionary zeal established the Ganden Sumtsenling Monastery in Zhongdian, Yunnan situated at 3,380 meters elevation. It is referred to as the Little Potala Palace. Its architecture is a fusion of the Tibetan and Han Chinese. It currently accommodates 700 monks in its rebuilt structures in 200 associated houses.

— 2nd Place —

Hometown: Anhui by Shaobo Zhou
📍 Anhui, China

Anhui is an eastern Chinese province known for its Huangshan Mountains, early in the morning, looking down from the mountain, time stops at this moment. When I turned around, the light lit up the whole village, covering the tranquility with a warm gauze tent.

— 2nd Place —

Morning Light and Hills by Longrun Guo

The misty winter morning light is set against the impressionistic color of a rural mountain view. In the valley with blue sky, the forest mist in the fields, the clouds are flying, and the view is wide.

— 3rd Place —

The Land in My Dream by Gaopan Liu
📍Beijing, China

Jiankou is the most dangerous but stunning part of the Great Wall. It’s a quite autumn morning with the sun rising and clouds flowing on the top of the mountain where the wall has sat for hundreds of years.

— 3rd Place —

Sunrise Oriental by Dianwen Zhang
📍Shanghai, China

I don’t have eyes that pierce the night like a falcon, so I have been looking forward to the eastern sunrise. That gushing sun should be what people yearn for and pursue. Tomorrow and spring, morning glow images, sharing scenery.

— 3rd Place —

Restaurants in Diaojiaolou by Benxie Xu
📍Fenguang, Hunan, China

Diaojiaolou, a ganlan-style building supported by stilts or wood stilts and further reinforced by stone blocks at the base. The ground floor is storage or for livestock. The upper floors are living space, but now popular for restaurants.

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