2019 Beautiful China Tourism Scenery Photography Competition

2019 Beautiful China Tourism Scenery Photography Competition

— 1st Place —

Grassland Fog by Libby Zhang

Outside the room, the morning fog that was thick and no one was seen on the opposite side had already faded and faded. In the slowly gaining sun, the white misty spots were tossing and floating, like a rustle. Fences, mounds, and wall heads all showed fuzzy images in the fog.

— 2nd Place —

Light of Million Hope by Shaobo Zhou
📍 Sertar, Sichuan, China

Sêrtar, which mean “golden freedom” in Tibetan, comprises 17 towns and 66 villages. It is home to the Larung Gar Buddhist Institute, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world. Near and far, one family is connected to one family, as if in a dream, the lights of thousands of families connect the outline of the city, as simple as a paper-cut work, in ordinary nights.

— 2nd Place —

Road of Paradise by Guangcheng Chen
📍 Jingtai, Baiyin, Gansu, China

The colorful 22 curves in the Yellow River Stone Forest look like rainbows in the mountains.

— 3rd Place —

Pulse of Earth by Min Li

The earth is the source of our vitality, spirituality, breathing, and body temperature. It is the place where we settle down, and it is the first link between us and the world.

— 3rd Place —

Stream by Yuzheng Wang

Looking at the thin clouds and mist of Wenfeng Mountain, lightly around the mountainside, as if to tie her a milky white belt, mysterious in the vagueness, and delicate in the obscurity.

— 3rd Place —

Contending by Nianquan Huang

The dragon boat race was wonderful, crowded with people. The athletes are full of energy. The drums and the ten thousand oars are sent together. The atmosphere of the dragon boat race makes the scene more festive.

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