WPA 2021 / Street and Documentary

WPA 2021 / Street and Documentary


Curious Little by Arpan Uzir (India)

2018. Guwahati, Assam, India
“I shot this image on the auspicious occasion of Eid in 2018, where people in hundreds had joined to offer ‘Namaaz’ to the almighty. As when I was capturing the beautiful moments, I noticed this little kid among the crowd standing curiously as others bow in prayer. He is too young to know the rituals, maybe, and stood there with innocence on his face. And all I could think is what might be going on in his mind. The confusion, the curiosity, which is pure at the same time is what makes it a special shot for me.”



Floating Market Lok Baintan by Muhammad Hary (Indonesia)

November 26th, 2016. South Borneo

“The activities of market participants in the floating market are ongoing, forming various formations, all of which are arranged naturally and naturally in harmony in the river. The activities of traders in the floating market are ongoing, The traders have started to get busy with the variety of their respective sales, they offer each other colorful fruit and add to the splendor of the morning. some of them are still bartering, this is because they need each other between traders.”


Climate Migrants by Dipayan Bose (India)

May 28th, 2021. Dhamakhali, West Bengal, Indian.

“A villager standing inside his half-merged home lost all the household belongings in the flood. Due to the cyclone ‘Yaas’ disaster, most of the river embankments were broken by the high tides of the sea in village areas of Sundarban in West Bengal. As a result, most parts of these areas were flooded heavily. Farmlands, fisheries everything destroyed by the salty seawater. Many villages went under the water level. People of these flood-affected areas lost everything. Many of them are moving towards some upper lands, leaving their ancestral belongings.”



The Street Children Require Care in Their Uncertain Lives by Kazi Md Jahirul Islam (Bangladesh)

March 20th, 2020. Chittagong, Bangladesh.

“Journey in a biggest garbage dumpsite as usual of my routine work. I was going many slums and garbage dumpsite for my project work and I was looking innocent faces in a day. Suddenly I saw two innocent girls are playing they come to their mother in a biggest garbage dumpsite for collecting garbage to make a living. In Bangladeshi street people who always struggle for having food.”


Veteran by Smolnikov Andrey (Russia)

Belgorod, Russia.

“The photo shows a World War II veteran.”


Struggling Life by Aung Pyii Zone (Myanmar)

March 24, 2018. Mandalay, Myanmar.
“The woman is searching the recycle products near the burning waste products and her life is vey struggling.”



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