WPA 2021 / Creative

WPA 2021 / Creative


Lake Baikal Baikalient by Kristina Makeeva (Russia)



Brave Cowboy by Yun Thwaits (USA)

March 6th, 2020. Canberra, Australia.

“It was an exciting rodeo match in Canberra. Cowboys risked their lives for the contest. Horses were jumping up and down to throw the cowboy from the back. If the person fell, he had to quickly run off to be safe. He needed to stay on the back without touching the horse’s body for 8 seconds to win. The scores were determined by the performance of the person and the anxiety level of the horse.”


Girl in The Dark by Phoe Char (Myanmar)

Mogok, Myanmar



Endless by Zhenhuan Zhou (Canada)

July 2018. Dunhuang, Gansu, China.

“People were hiking the dune in the sun to see the sunset at Crescent Lake from the peak. Everyone was exhausted in the heat, felling the road being endless. This feeling is similar to how people feel about the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Heavenly Flow by Simon Xu (USA)

2018. Kvernufoss Falls, Iceland.
“This beautiful waterfall flows from over the high cliffs with great force. When viewed from inside a giant cave behind the waterfalls, it is as if the water appears to flow from the Heaven and drain to the distant land and ocean.”


We Are One by Natasha Mandal (India)

22:43pm, July 13th, 2020. Bardhaman, West Bengal, India.
“This photograph is an expression to uphold the ideals of peaceful co-existence. It says we need to get into and understand our differences so that we can merge into each other. Because we are one.”



Honorable Mentions